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Finger Wish

app for iPhone iPod Touch

There are five games in this application program.Every contents are simple and can be played easily.

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Just push the 4 colored buttons!

You can play it easily only pushing 4 colored buttons.
Good to play by yourself, or good to compete with your friends one by one!
Let's play in your spare time!

This game is to tap the appearing buttons while they are shown on screen(you may top as many time as they are shown.)and competes how many points you get.Just tap the screen ever!
This game is to tap the blinked buttons. First of all,three buttons blink every second and when the instruction has been shown,tap the buttons according to how they blinked.The number of the blink button will increse. Challenge your memory.
This game is to tap the buttons when there is an instruction. Some buttons on screen may blink in a moment after count down,then tap the same buttons as they blinked.Tapping order does not matter.
Activate your brain!
This game is to avoid a mine. There is a mine in sixteen buttons. You may be ordered to touch a button in an assined color. If it is safe,new color is assined.Repeat this until the last one.You win if you survive. Luck is needed. Let's use this as a toss of penalty.
This game is to find a crown in sixteen buttons on the screen. You must find one in limited times.You can try eight times. Let's enjoy this game to compete who is the fastest!

※ I must warn you not to play this game too hard. Don't throw the iPhone,iPod Touch and we won't answer for any of injury or damage.

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